Don’t let technology defeat you!

If you feel stuck building your presence online and technology is giving you headaches, I am here to take your pain away.

Passionate about technology and really good at implementing it, I am ready to help you get started with your blog, optimizing and checking the performance of your website.

You know your business would benefit from having a blog – but WordPress confuses you? Or maybe you already have a blog, and know you need to improve your SEO to boost traffic – but all the tools are just not easy to work with?

I help people confused by technology, individuals or businesses, build a remarkable presence online. From building a blog and optimizing it for both search engines and visitors, thought to performance measurement and optimization.

If you are ready to work with me please send me a quick message to discuss your needs.

I can get your website setup, or look over your technology needs if you get a Monthly Subscription package.

Below you can see what other people say about working with me.


Dustin Riechmann

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eugen on two different projects, and I’ve been SUPER pleased both times. I struggle with communicating design ideas, and Eugen was very accomodating and easy to work with throughout the process.

He works quickly and with excellent quality, and I have received numerous compliments on the two landing pages that he designed for me. I highly recommend him!

Ali Luke

Eugen was fast, friendly and extremely reassuring; he even created a screencast to demonstrate that my site was error-free on his computer (in several browsers, no less!) He saved me hours of frustration and confusion, and I’m really grateful for his help.

Laura Petrolino

Eugen was absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only did he quickly and competently perform the original task I hired him for, but he went above and beyond, taking the extra initiative to help explain things to me and offer suggestions for better efficiency and appearance of my blog.

I would work with him again for any of my website needs and recommend him to my clients.

Nancy Stuckwisch

I feel really lucky to have found Eugen and his simple, clear, easy-for-the-non-tech-person approach to SEO. The SEO course and his webinars have been extremely helpful.

Dawn Kotzer

I marvel at not just the breadth of your expertise, but also at how you can sift through conversation, define issues and in a friendly, respectful manner deliver concise, understandable, doable actions.

Heather Thomas

Eugen took technical tasks I had been dreading doing myself and completed them quickly and easily. His attention to detail is second to none and he went above and beyond my expectations to deliver a perfect customer experience!

I am so happy I found Eugen and will continue to use him for all my website needs!

LaVonne Ellis

Eugen Oprea is one of those useful people you just want to keep around because you never know when you’re going to need him. He’s like a digital handy man who seems to know how to do everything.

I tweeted that I needed help putting up a Facebook page, and he not only responded within minutes, the page was ready within only a few minutes more. This guy is GOOD.

Birdy Diamond

Your willingness to help is so comforting & soothing when one is lost in the technological seas, as we have been. Your ability to explain things in a way that leaves me feeling empowered, not stupid, is just amazing and all too rare.

It has been the biggest help to us as we move forward with our business, and I thank you deeply for it.

Jamie Novak

Eugen took my website from looking like a homemade craft project to a professionally designed site. His technology skills are never-ending and he became a true partner in my success.

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