Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking for Premise

The Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking for Premise allows you to send Ecommerce data from Premise to Google Analytics. It passes item and order information to Google Analytics reports when the Ecommerce option is activated for your profile.

This plugin requires you to have a copy of Premise before you can use it.


In order to download the plugin just click the button below and the download will start automatically.

Or you can just search for “Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking for Premise” from your WordPress dashboard.

Configuration Instructions

First you will have to activate the Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics from [Admin] > [Select profile] > [Profile Settings].

Then, all you have to do is just add your profile ID and enable Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking from the [Member Access] > [Google Analytics Ecommerce].

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking for Premise

Here’s the download link again, to help you get started:

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