The Friday Wrap: Best of the Web

The Friday Wrap: Best of the Web

This is a new edition of The Friday Wrap where you can read about Web Analytics, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media and Business.

Go ahead and check this list of 23 useful reasources from the past week. Enjoy!

Web Analytics

How to Set Up Blog Comments as Goals in Google Analytics Using WordPress Hacks
As many of you know, I love writing about Google Analytics. I’m a data junkie, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than learning more about the visitors coming to my blog. One of the best ways to get actionable data

Update to Search Engine Optimization reports
In October, we made Google Webmaster Tools available to all users in Google Analytics, allowing everyone to surface Google search data in new Search Engine Optimization reports. Starting today, Webmaster Tools will update how they calculate data to make it better match expectations about what a search engine ranking really means.

How Google Analytics Can Track Your Email Or PPC Campaign
If you have an email list, tracking your internet business’s marketing campaigns is important. Many email list marketing solutions available will track when a person clicks on a link within your email and report it to you. But what if you are pointing your email to a landing page that also has traffic coming to it via other methods such as PPC or search traffic?


Pages With Too Many Ads “Above The Fold” Now Penalized By Google’s “Page Layout” Algorithm
Do you shove lots of ads at the top of your web pages? Think again. Tired of doing a Google search and landing on these types of pages? Rejoice. Google has

How User Personas Can Improve Your SEO Strategy
User personas are fictional characters which are typically used in the user-centred design process to represent the different user types of a website. I’m going to talk about how they can be applied to your SEO. Click here to learn more.

24 SEO Experts Discuss Links vs. Tweets
Check out what the top SEO Experts in the industry think about links as opposed to tweets! This is also a great list of the top SEO Experts.

Face-off – 4 Ways to De-personalize Google
Google recently launched a radical form of social search personalization and yet another way to shut off that personalization. This is a head-to-head comparison of 4 major methods to de-personalize search results, including Google’s new toggle switch.


The Ultimate Quickstart Guide to Speeding Up Your WordPress Site
In this tutorial we will cover all aspects of W3 caching, ySlow, Google page speed, CSS sprites & htaccess rules, to achieve a high ySlow score.

Genesis Framework v1.8 Now Available
Genesis has a long tradition of being extremely flexible for the average user while at the same time remaining developer friendly. This latest release continues that tradition in a big way. Our sincere thanks to a group of Genesis power users for helping turn Genesis 1.8 into a developer’s dream, without sacrificing any of the usability that we’ve all come to know and love.

Upgrade and Socialize Your Author Box with these WordPress Plugins
Your author box can be an important part of your site. It’s meant to provide some information about the author so as to make everything a little more personal


21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012)
It’s easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. Over the years, we’ve grown this blog to hundreds of thousands of visitors each month and helped lots of other blogs, too. I launched a personal blog late last year and was amazed to see how quickly it gained thousands of visits to each post. There’s an art to increasing a blog’s traffic, and given that we …

5 Content Marketing Ideas Worth Stealing
Marketing in the past often consisted of one off campaigns that didn’t build a relationship with your customer or prospect. It was about the “deal” …closing the sale. It was sometimes called “Hit and Run” marketing. Content Marketing is about creating compelling, contagious content and…

26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts
Want to get the most our ot your business blogging? Follow these 26 tips to create optimal blog posts every time you sit down to write.

A blog post structure that works
A guest post from Sarah Arrow about what makes an effective blog post structure

Social Media

Optimize Your Social Media Schedule: 4 Tips for Avoiding the Social Media Time Suck
Making the time to execute on a social media strategy can rattle even the most experienced marketers.  Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing

3 Metrics that Will Change the Way You Market on Facebook
Here’s an overview of three game-changing metrics you should be tracking, along with concrete tips for improving your Page’s performance.

Facebook App Integration: This Week in Social Media
Social media news and new developments making social media marketing easier. (Facebook Apps, SOPA, CardMunch, email integration, social logins, Hootsuite users)

[Infographic] How to Get More Clicks on Twitter
I’ve often said that the best use of Twitter is as a broadcast medium. You should be creating a ton of interesting content and sharing it with your followers.


The Badass Project Conference 2012
Imagine living a life with absolutely no excuses. No reasons for not being your best. No more bullshit.

Why Some Startups Succeed And Others Fail: 10 Fascinating Harvard Findings
Why do some startups succeed and others fail? Paul Gompers, Anna Kovner, Josh Lerner and David Scharfstein put together a Harvard Business School working paper to answer that question, Performance Persistence in Entrepreneurship.

Giving Away Your Best Work for Free
Sometimes you create something you’re so passionate about, something you’re so happy with, something you believe will add so much value to other people’s lives, that you feel compelled to give it away for free. This is why I decided to give away best thing I’ve ever written…

5 Awesome Examples of Instagram Marketing From Real Brands
Discover the most creative ways real brands are using Instagram for inbound marketing, and how you can get in on the action.

97 Ideas for Building a Valuable Platform
2012 is the year where social media oversaturation hits hard. We will scale back on our participation in social networks, and we will most certainly scale back who we choose to follow as sources.

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