The Friday Wrap: 25 Resources You Might Have Missed

The Friday Wrap: 25 Resources You Might Have Missed

Today I would like to introduce you to a new post format that will be featured on the blog every Friday from now .

It’s a collection of links with resources that I’ve read, tweeted and found useful the previous week.

If they are useful for me, I am sure that they will be useful for you too and that you will enjoy reading them.

I can’t wait to know your thoughts about this, but first enjoy your reading!

Web Analytics

5 Insightful Google Analytics Dashboards
With the new features that are released every month, Google Analytics becomes a more powerful tool for tracking conversion rates, engaged visitors, content performance and much more. Along with these new features, you can also find the ability to customize and add up to 20 dashboards to your Google Analytics account.

How to Fix 4 Toxic Marketing Problems With Analytics
Marketing is hard. Every day, marketers have to find new audiences, engage them with creative ideas, test out new concepts, justify their budgets, and defend their efforts from the onslaught of often unhappy sales teams.

How I Overlooked a 1000 Visitor a Day Source of Traffic [And What I Did to Grow it to 3000 Visits a Day]
Last week I was digging around in my Google Analytics stats and drilling down to look particularly at sources of traffic.

Advanced Segments for Holiday campaigns
With only a week before the holiday gift season is over, it’s time to shut down your online ads and turn off the lights at your e-store, right? Not so fast, not if you want to ride the final shopping wave!

Custom Profile for Mobile Reporting in Google Analytics
Capture mobile-only traffic with a custom mobile profile. This profile captures more than Google Analytics mobile reporting alone.


Top 50 Citation Sources For UK & US Local Businesses
Here is a little Christmas gift for all local Citation builders: a carefully curated list of the top 50 Citation Sources for businesses in the US & UK.

SEO Video: 45 Minutes of Q&A with Matt Cutts
It’s weekend and that means you might have 45 minutes to be entertained and get some great tips from the fabulous Matt Cutts.

Aaron Wall and I Debate the Open Discussion of Webspam
In past years, I’d occasionally post about various aspects of webspam – manipulative links, cloaking, thin content, etc. In these posts, I’d use examples I’ve seen – sometimes particularly egregious ones, other times more subtle offenders – both to help illustrate the points and to provide concrete evidence.

Natural Link Building 101
Link building is one of the most important things you can do in terms of off-site search engine optimization. As you probably know by now, search engines like Google tend to rank pages higher in search results based on the number and quality of links to those pages.


70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog
Over 70 resources for starting a self-hosted WordPress blog including domain names, hosting, installation, themes, pages, plugins, settings, backups, and more.

How to Track Site or Network-wide User Activity in WordPress
How to track and monitor user activity on a WordPress site or network of sites using ThreeWP Activity Monitor plugin for WordPress

How to Style a WordPress Sticky Post to Make it Stand Out
In case you weren’t aware, there is a sticky post function built into WordPress. It resides in the upper right-hand corner of the editor in the area where you hit “Publish” or where you schedule your posts. It’s under the “Visibility” section.


Are You Building a Business That Stinks?
If your business has been coasting along nicely, you’ve been letting your business fester. Bring back the sweet smell of success with this post.

The Importance of Promoting your Blog
For every performance, there should be an audience. The same applies to blogging. Without your audience, your blog won’t survive. So what do you do in order to increase your traffic? Simple –- by promoting your blog.

How to Promote Your Blog with Irresistible RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds are not dead. Keep reading to discover how to use RSS feeds to promote your blog.

5 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from a Weird “Real World” Business
One of the most useful skills in business is to be able to look at what someone else is doing in an unrelated topic, and bring it to your own marketing.

Social Media

The Complete Guide to Increasing and Getting Likes on Your Facebook Fan Pages: How to Get Likes on Facebook
I wanted to compile a list of ways to increase your fan base on Facebook and get more likes. Everybody wants more Facebook likes and this list helps.

How to Build an Effective Google+ Brand Strategy
Having surpassed one billion unique visitors this past May,Google has become a part of our daily online lives. Yet Google’s impact is expanding even further. Google+ has now grown to more than 40 million users.

10 Ways to Add Facebook Functionality to Your Website
Facebook social plugins: Check out the Facebook plugins available today with recommendations on the types of sites each is best suited for.

[New Data] The Science of Christmas
If you like social media data and science like this, buy my latest book: Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness. Science makes everything better.

SocialMouths’ 10 Favorite Social Media Blogs Of 2011
According to SocialMouths, this is the list of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs in 2011. Includes Social Media Examiner, Jay Baer, Mark Schaefer and more.


Zen and the Art of Good Web Design
Some minimalist blogs look plain and uninspired simply because their owners can’t figure out how to inject a little personality. Here are some simple tips to add personality to your bland blog.

How to create a CSS3 pricing table
In this article you’ll learn how to build an awesome CSS3 pricing table, with no images and minimal HTML markup.

Download the Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners (Free PDF)
The team at StudioPress has put together a basic guide for you on how to navigate Genesis and get your site going right out of the box.

7 WordPress plugins for font replacement
There are a ton of options out there for font replacement, including some great WordPress plugins that make font replacement easier than ever.

Your turn

What have you enjoyed reading in the past week? Please share your resources with us.

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