Ta-da Lists

Ta-da Lists

Later edit: The team behind Ta-da List decided to retire the product as their attention was focused more on Basecamp. Still, the lists already created will continue to work.

I like to stay organized and manage my time wisely. This is why I need tools which can help me organize my tasks and activities.

My notebook, I can name it a “tool”, is always here for me to keep track of my tasks and notes. But it’s not the perfect task manager.

Fortunately, I recently discovered the Ta-Da List, a web based to-do list which helps me create lists with my tasks and share them with others. It takes 10 seconds to sign-up and it’s absolutely free or charge.

Ta-da lists

Ta-da lists

Create your lists

With Ta-Da List you can create lists of activities you need to make.

Complete your tasks

Once you have completed one of your tasks, just check the box and the to-do is marked as Done.

Share your lists

If you are looking to share your lists, you have the possibility to do it with anyone you want and let them add new tasks or mark them as Done. But if you want to share a list with anyone and don’t want it to be changed just check the option “Yes, share publicly”. Keep in mind that those lists may be seen by anyone and may be indexed by search engines.
As the guys from 37signals say about Ta-da Lists, it couldn’t be simpler.

Ta-Da List is offered by 37signals, a web based software company which provides simple collaboration software for small businesses.

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