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Search Engine Optimization may seem like a broad topic and scary to a lot of people, but SEO it’s actually easier than you think.

In essence all you have to do is discover your “perfect reader” or “perfect customer” and them write directly to her.

Obviously, you should take into consideration some SEO best practices, but initially you need to have a conversation with your perfect reader/customer.

Speaking of SEO best practices, if you will read through these resources you will understand what you should have in your mind when writing articles or content for pages.

Getting Started with SEO

You can find a large number of SEO guides out there, but here you will get important, synthesized information that will help you get started faster.

For start you can read the SEO 101: Keywords, Ranking, Links and Analytics which will give you an overview of the SEO process from choosing the right keywords to analyzing your traffic.

Additionally, I would strongly recommend you to check out the WordPress SEO guide that will help you properly setup your WordPress website to get more visibility from search engines.

Once you are up to speed with the basics, you can move further into finding new ways of getting more traffic with SEO.

21 Tips to Getting More Traffic

This content is structured to provide you new ideas on how you can get links and traffic from other websites:

Search Engines have become really smart lately and you can’t trick them with expired techniques.

In order to have a success and build great traffic from search engines you need to be smart, play their game and put your readers first.

At the end of the day they are your customers and they will be those who will make the purchasing decision.

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