How To Install Scribe SEO

Later edit: The team is no longer offering Scribe as a standalone product for new customers. However, Scribe is a standard feature of the Rainmaker Platform and built into all Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting accounts.

If you are subscribed to Copyblogger’s email newsletter, Internet Marketing for Smart People, you should already know about the new content optimization software solution, Scribe SEO, inspired by Brian Clark.

If you don’t, Scribe SEO is the tool which makes SEO copywriting darn simple.

Either way, you can find in this article quick preview of the Scribe SEO, benefits and installation instructions in plain English.

Scribe SEO helps you create website pages, blog posts and even press releases optimized for search engines.

It will let you:

  • Optimize content faster
  • Remove SEO guesswork
  • Employ SEO best practices
  • Preserve maximum readability
  • Increase targeted traffic!

The way Scribe works is by using a WordPress plugin linked to the content optimization service with an API key.

Scribe works on your WordPress website only if you are able to set a custom title tag and a meta description for your page or post. You are able to do this using the Thesis Theme for WordPress. All in One SEO, Headway Theme and Hybrid Theme.

You can start by taking a quick tour of Scribe (if you’ve not done it yet) and see how it can make your SEO copywriting more effective. After you complete the tour, you have the possibility to test it and see its real benefits, so take advantage of that.

Once you will decide that Scribe is for you, and I am sure it will, you can get started.


When your purchase will be confirmed, you will be redirected to the Purchase Confirmation page, which contains details about your account.

The Purchase Confirmation page contains:

  • The download link for the WordPress Scribe Plug-in
  • Your API Key
  • Information about your account

It’s highly recommended for you to print the page for your records or save it as a PDF.

The first step in installing Scribe SEO is to download the WordPress Scribe Plug-in to your local computer and install it on your WordPress website.

If you’re ready to install the WordPress Scribe Plug-in go to [Plugins] and select the [Add New] option. Now, from the top of the page select the [Upload] option, browse the Scribe archive on your computer and hit the [Install now] button.

Once the WordPress Scribe Plug-in is uploaded, you need to activate it. To do this, just select the [Activate] option from the page which confirms the installation of the plugin.

Now that the plugin is installed you need to configure it and enter your API Key. To do this go to [Settings] and select the [Scribe Settings] option. The Settings can help you activate, upgrade, and configure your Scribe SEO plugin. To activate the  Scribe SEO plugin just enter you API Key, which can be found on the Purchase confirmation page, and hit the [Save] button.

You now have the Scribe SEO activated on your WordPress website and from this moment on it will take care of your SEO copywriting.

Try Scribe SEO and let me know what is your opinion about it by leaving a comment below. You feedback is much appreciated.

This article was analyzed with Scribe SEO.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful guide. I found Scribe was really easy to install. I did the test version and liked it enough to sign up.

  2. Thanks for posting this… I’d looked at Scribe briefly, but didn’t realise you could get a test drive. Will check it out!


  3. Sandy Lipten says:

    Eugen, I really like how Scribe works in the free trial! But I’m unlikely to pay a monthly fee, at least not yet. Anyway, I wonder if you might have any advice for getting the most out of the free All in One SEO plug-in? Maybe that would be a topic for another post, rather than just in the comments here…

    • Sandy, I am not using ALL in One SEO because there are sufficient SEO options from Thesis. However, I will look into writing an article about it, because it’s used a lot of people and I am sure that not everyone gets the most out of it.

      In a couple of words it lets you add a custom title and meta description for each article and alerts you when you pass the characters (60 characters for title and 160 for the description). Which is kind of what Scribe does, but without the part when Scribe analyzes the article and gives it a score.

  4. Oh, I am so tempted by this, especially now that I’ve read your review. Thanks, Eugen

  5. It’s a nice product, but the monthly subscription model would put a mighty hole in my pocket. Do you think Scribe is something that you’ll need forever, in order to get good SEO, or does it just fill a gap until you learn how to write with SEO in mind?

  6. Hey Eugen, Im not even sure if im making full use of all in one seo. Is it worth the monthly fee?

  7. From one SEO and technology geek to another – Scribe looks like something I could really use. When I get it, you can bet I’ll be referring back to your tutorial in case my installation hangs (which always seems to be the case when I’m working on MY OWN blog – never anyone else’s! My blog must have gremlins in it!) 🙂

  8. Scribe must work. I did a search on google for scibe installation instructions and your article showed up as #2. Excellent, I’m giving it a try.

  9. They DONT offer a free version, you have to register and enter your credit card to test it, pretty scammy.

    • Peter, they used to have a free version with 5 evaluations, but they might have changed that now.

      However, if you want to test it, they do have a 30 days money back guarantee.


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