Roving Robin Report – On Connections & Technical Details


Birdy Diamond, your Roving Robin Reporter, flying in with more interesting tidbits from around the ‘net.

Rovin Report

Eugen’s Picks

“ If you are a web designer, then this is a must read…”

“Working in the SEO field? Learn how to evaluate your link profile with Advanced Link Manager…”

“Having problems sending SEO reports to your customers? Advanced Web Ranking can help”

“Another great article by Sonia Simone about time, hard work and brains.”

“FeelGooder, a new blog from Darren Rowse

Birdy’s Picks

  • Holly Jackson talks about new beginnings of a different sort.
  • SallyG has a thought-provoking post about connections, good & not-so-good.


From wise-cracking & cracking-wise Grandma Mary, enter to win 2 hours of Social Media coaching!

For more info, check out the vid below:


  • Kirsty Hall
    RT @sarahndipitous: Me: Hello Man-Child. Him (10) Hello Woman-Mother, did you pay the Gravity bill? I keep falling today for no reason.
  • Charlie Gilkey
    Saying NO to some opportunities isn’t spiting the universe or goodwill – it’s making room for the right opportunities.
  • El Edwards
    Morning friends. Welcome to a brand new week 🙂 Who can I help smile today?
  • Chris Brogan
    If we can stay awake, we just might see our way to our dreams. (goodnight)

And that’s it for this week! Until next time…

Chirp, Chirp! :>

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Birdy – some good stuff here that I want to check out.

    • Most welcome! I am very glad that Eugen brought it to my attention – some awesome peeps there, some of whom I did not already know. And I love the tips & tricks they bring to the subject.

      • I deliberately assembled a diverse group, several of whom (up until the post
        was published, anyway) only had me in common as a contact. And they excelled
        themselves with their fine responses.

  2. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    You’ve got a great article on procrastination, so was worth mentioning it.

    See you soon.