Make up your mind rather than sitting on the fence. Decide!

It’s good to make a decision, even if it’s not a wise or a perfect one.

Not deciding is most of the times the wrong decision.

Everyone is making decisions every second, decision to read the newspaper, decision to make a call, decision to look through the window; but those decisions that truly count are sometimes left apart. Don’t join the club of those who can’t make a difference. Decide!

But when deciding something keep in mind that you need to be aware of the consequences that your choices might have on people around you. Be wise and think carefully before taking up an action, because what you do may hurt or negatively impact someone.

Even if “wise”, “perfect”, “good”, “wrong” are just labels and a good idea for you can be a bad idea for someone else, aim high and choose a path that is good for you and doesn’t have a negative impact on people around you. Decide!

Make a decision or make several, think and analyze.

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