13 Best WordPress Plugins you Should Have on Your Blog

13 Best WordPress Plugins you Should Have on Your Blog

I often get asked by people about what plugins they should install on their blogs, what are the plugins they should install when getting started, or what security plugins I recommend.

And almost every time I get back to them with the same list, and that is why in this article I am going to share with you the plugins that I consider a must have for any WordPress blog.

A while ago, I published another article about WordPress plugins, that you might want to check, 27 WordPress Plugins to Rock Your Blog, but right now I will stick with the most important ones.

Plugins are just like gears that will help your website run smoothly, and it’s up to you to pick the gears and their quality. So choose wisely!

Scribe SEO

If you are serious about getting more traffic from search engines, then Scribe SEO is a must have plugin because it helps you optimize your articles so they can rank high in search engines from the moment you publish them.

My most successful articles ranked on the first page from the moment I published them and 90% of my other articles are in the top 30 search results. All of this, because I use Scribe SEO.

If you would like, you can read more about it and see how you can install it in this article.

Google XML Sitemaps

This WordPress plugin automatically creates and submits a sitemap of your website to search engines and it’s definitely one of the reasons why my articles are indexed and rank fast in the search engines.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is an amazing plugin because it allows my sites to load faster for a better user experience and higher rankings in search engines.

Plus, it beautifully integrates with Amazon CloudFront to make a totally inexpensive way of delivering your content using a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

W3 Total Cache along with Scribe SEO and Google XML Sitemaps are the plugins that really make a difference in the way Google and Bing index and rank my articles.

Google Analytics for WordPress

I highly recommend you to install your Google Analytics tracking code manually, but if that is a hassle for you of if you want to take tracking with Google Analytics at the next level, then the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin is the best one out there.

Automatic WordPress Backup

I consider backing up your site a really important task, one that you should not skip and one that can cost you all your work if it’s not done properly.

Automatic WordPress Backup is the best free plugin out there and I use it for all my sites and on my customer’s sites before doing any work for them.

Website Defender

From this link install all three security plugins offered by Website Defender, as each of them is worth having on your blog.

They will scan your WordPress installation and check to see if you have any security flaws. Additionally they will secure your WordPress website and report any vulnerabilities discovered and information about how to fix them.

Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

BBQ helps you protect your website from malicious URL requests. If someone sends you excessively long request strings or strings that contain elements know as coming from hackers or spammers, then BBQ will block them.

Login LockDown

This plugin puts a limit on the number of login attempts from a specific IP range in a specific time period. If multiple login attempts come from the same range of IP addresses, those IP addresses will be blocked by Login Lockdown.


Redirection manages 301 redirects for your website and monitors 404 errors. This WordPress plugin is really useful when you have ugly URLs or affiliate links. There is a way of redirecting links from .htaccess, but most of the people are not familiar with that. Plus, it’s easier this way.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

This WordPress plugin enables your readers to sign up for e-mail notifications when they comment on your articles. This plugin works beautifully along with the next one and they are the plugins that I start using from the moment I ditched Disqus.


CommentLuv lets your readers add a link to their last blog post when they leave a comment on your blog. You can also allow the links to your readers website to be “dofollow” if you would like to.

Personally, I use this as a sign of appreciation for anyone who leaves a comment on my blog and that is why I installed it.

Editorial Calendar

This plugin can really help you better organize your scheduled posts and easily move their dates, just by dragging and dropping their titles.

This plugin comes really handy if you have lots of scheduled posts or a multi-author blog.

WordPress Related Posts

If Google Analytics tells you that you have a high “Bounce Rate” and a low “Time on Site” then you need to do something to make your visitors stick more on your blog.

One of the ways of doing it is to install the WordPress Related Posts plugin which displays below your articles a list with related posts based on their categories.

I won’t mention Askimet in this post, because it comes with WordPress, but don’t forget to activate it.

Your turn

Now that you know my preferences in terms of WordPress plugins, it’s time for you to tell me your favorites. So, what other plugins do you use and would you like to add to this list?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Hey you…

    Thank you, I hadn’t heard of BBQ.

    What do you recommend for related posts? What gets crawled better?


  2. Ivan Dickerson says:

    Great info on some very useful wordpress plugins here! I just discovered this one today and its amazing. You can watch your visitors live and see what they like on your site and what makes them leave: http://www.mrzip.biz/k1 (affiliate link)

  3. My favorites…

    * JetPack
    * WPTouch

  4. Lovely post Eugen, I’m also a big fan of Scribe and a few other plugins that you mention here.

  5. Great list, Eugen! There are some on here that are new to me.

    I’ve started using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin lately and I’m curious to know if you’ve tried it out. I use Genesis and the Yoast plugin integrates nicely, overriding the Genesis post/page SEO options. It also has XML sitemaps so in theory it eliminates the need for the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this one. Thanks!

    • Andy, this is the best SEO plugin out there and I highly recommend it, especially if the theme does not have SEO options. Thinking about it I should have added to my list.

      Thanks for mentioning it!

  6. I found w3 total cache very helpful. Thanks for the post.

  7. I think you need one for forms and twitter integration as well!
    * Fast Secure Forms
    * WP2Twitter

  8. You recommend 3 WP security plugins…isn’t that too much? Does anyone knows a single plugin doing what the 3 of the above do? Having 3 plugins could cause some conflicts I think.

  9. i just start a my blogging found huge list of plugin for my blog..

  10. thank you very much for this great informative article i like ur blogging passion

  11. Thank you so much! I have been trying to find the related posts plugin forever.

  12. thanks for sharing very useful information, can you provide link to plugin you may also like box at bottom flyer when scroll page, mostly news site use this but unable to find

  13. Hi Eugen,

    thanks for sharing what all you prefer when word press plugin is considered, i have installed, Sitemap, Backup and Comment Luv Plugins on various blogs. Not touched the security plugins yet, but as i see most of the pro bloggers suggest it.

    Good share

  14. Thank you this is exaclty what i needed.

  15. Thanks for the useful information. I installed these plugins and They’re working great!


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